Single Rules

CMTO Singles Rules


A schedule of assigned dates along with your opponent’s name is provided at the beginning of the season. The person with the “*” by their name schedules the match. Both players bring a can of balls to the match; the winner of the match receives the unopened can after the match’s completion

    • If players agree to a match time, with the exception of inclement weather, personal injury, or documented illness, the match must start within ten minutes of the agreed upon time.
    • Players must notify their opponent at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled match if play needs to be canceled. All players must agree on rescheduling arrangements.
    • As long as all players agree, matches may be played earlier or later than the assigned play date. However, with the exception of vacations or other pre-planned reasons, no matches may be played more than three (3) weeks after the assigned play date. All players are assigned a forfeit, if the Division Captain receives notification more than three (3) weeks  after he assigned play date,. To ensure a forfeit is not incurred, players are encouraged to contact the Division Captain to confirm the proper process to follow. If the late player has no valid reason for being more than ten (10) minutes late, and/or absent, the on-time player contacts the Division Captain for instructions on documenting the match. (See section on Forfeit) This follows USTA rules.
    • Once a match is played, the winner receives the unopened can of balls and must submit the match scores on the TENNISENGINE web site within 24-hours of the match’s completion. If scores are not reported, the match will be considered a double forfeit.


Match scores for the singles league are reported at TENNISENGINE. To enter scores you must log in to the site. The first time that you log in, you can change your user ID and password. Also you will be required to add profile information, so that other league members can contact you. After your first log in, league information is visible. You can see match scores from other players and their profiles.

Three sets make a match and whoever wins two out of the three sets, wins the match. Regular deuce is played out. A tiebreaker is played whenever both players have six(6) wins at the same time in a set( also called “six all”) When starting a tiebreaker, the person who follows the last server starts the tiebreaker.


Tie-breaker Rule

The person who starts the tiebreaker serves one (1) serve into the deuce court. Then the next person in the service rotation has two (2) serves, first to the advantage court, and then one to the deuce court. The service rotation continues until six (6) points are played. After the sixth point, both players switch ends of the court with the next serve going to the deuce court. The first player to score at least seven (7) points, and leading by two (2) points wins the set (Examples of possible winning scores would be: 7-2, 7-5, 9-7, 10-8, 12-10, etc.).


Forfeits are awarded when:
The player with an asterisk (*) by their name on the play schedule is responsible for scheduling the match (“hereafter referred to in this section as “responsible player”). If that player fails to contact the other player within the required time limit, the match score for the asterisk player is a lost. In other words, the asterisk player forfeits play and the other player is recorded as winner of the scheduled play..

If the responsible player attempts to schedule a match, and the opponent fails to respond or if opponent is unable to play a match within three weeks of the assigned play period, the responsible player must notify the Division Captain of the scheduling issue. If the Division Captain cannot get a response from the assigned opponent, the responsible player is awarded a win via a forfeit. The responsible player keeps record of all communications conducted to schedule a match (i.e. e-mails, texts, phone calls, etc.) The responsible player is to immediately report to the Division Captain any difficulty in scheduling a match. The Division Captain assesses each player with a forfeit if both players are not able to set a match date time, and location within the allotted three-week scheduling window.