Mission & Values

Mission & Values


The Columbus Metropolitan Tennis Organization (CMTO) is a non-profit group dedicated to organizing competitive and recreational tennis events and information for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and their friends throughout the greater Columbus, Ohio area.


CMTO believes tennis, played with a spirit of fun, mutual respect, and honesty, can be both competitive and rewarding. As a result, CMTO organizes competitive league and tournament events for a variety of skill levels, works to establish clear rules by which to play, and strives to promote a strong sense of community, cooperation, and fairness.


A small committee of volunteers operates CMTO.  The meet throughout the year to plan upcoming events, assemble league materials, and review procedures. Members of the committee volunteer to assume responsibility for tasks as needed.


The committee members:

    • Adam Beckett
      James Ferguson
      Corey Sharp
      Jonathan Scherer
      Doyline Williams

We are always looking for volunteers.  If you would like to help with any CMTO event, or if you have ideas for making CMTO an even better organization, please contact us.


CMTO invites you to contact us with any questions or suggestions.