Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where are doubles matches played?

A) At The Ohio State University Courts (also known as the Lincoln Tower Courts) located at the south end of Ohio Stadium.

Q) I’m new to tennis and have never played in a league. What is the best fit for me in CMTO?

A) Our round robin singles and doubles. We will provide you a schedule of play and have established rules that are easy to follow.  There is also a division captain that can answer your questions about play.

Q) If I have little time to arrange matches and want to participate, what is the best fit for me in CMTO?

A) Round robin singles. This provides you weekly round robin format play with a predetermined opponent.  You can set your time of play to fit the schedule of your opponent.

Q) I want a variety of flexible, competative play.  What is the best fit for me in CMTO?

A) The Challenge Ladder.  This option is dynamtic and challenging because you can challenge anyone, regardless of their rating.

Q) How many events can I play?

A) Four (4) (singles, singles ladder doubles and doubles ladder).

Q) Do you offer mixed doubles?

A) No.  However, mixed gendered teams may play in our round robin and Challenge Ladder doubles leagues.

Q) Who can join CMTO? 

A) We welcome anyone who supports the mission and values of CMTO to participate in the league.

Q) What is the fee to play in the CMTO Tournament? 

A) It is free to those who participated in the summer.  There is a nominal fee to those who did not participate during the summer.

Q) What else does CMTO offer besides the leagues in the summer?

A) Indoor tennis socials are offered during the fall/winter.  They take place on either a Friday or Saturday each month at The Player’s Club in Hilliard.  Three hours of tennis, food and fun are offered for a nominal cost.

If these FAQ’s have not answered all your questions, please contact the league at info@cmto1.org

Thank you for your interest in CMTO. We look forward to seeing you out on the courts.


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