Doubles Rules

CMTO 2015 Doubles Rules

The 2015 Doubles League begins on May 5, and ends August 16, 2015. Matches are played on Tuesday or Wednesday nights at the OSU Lincoln Tower Park Tennis Courts. A team’s assigned night will be the same each week, however, the time of play may vary. Players are scheduled to play one match each week on one of those two days..

Match times and day are scheduled at the beginning of the season. Before the season begins, players must notify CMTO if they can play on Tuesday or play only on Wednesday.. The OSU Lincoln Tower Park courts have lights. Both teams should bring a can of new balls. The winning team receives the unopened can at the end of the match.

A match schedule is provided at the beginning of the season. On the schedule,  the team with the * noted by their name is responsible for arranging the match. Both teams must bring a can of balls to the match with the winner receiving the If teams agree upon a match time–, with the exception of inclement weather, personal injury, or documented illness,– the match must begin within ten(10) minutes of the agreed upon time.

  • Teams must notify their opponents at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled match if play needs to be rescheduled. Both teams must agree on the rescheduled arrangements.
  • As long as both teams agree, matches may be played on a different date than the assigned play day. However, with the exception of vacations or other pre-planned reasons, no matches may be played more than three (3) weeks after the assigned play day. If the Division Captain does not receive notification within three (3) weeks after a assigned play day, all players are assigned a forfeit.
  • If a team has no valid reason for being more than ten (10) minutes late, and/or absent, the on-time team contacts the Division Captain to determine how to document the match.(See section on Forfeit)  Once a match is played and within 24 hours, the winning team records scores on  If scores are not reported, within this period, the Division Captain may record the match as a double forfeit.


SCORING & REPORTING is used to record match scores. To enter scores you must log in to the site. The first time that you log in, you can change your user ID and password. Also you will be required to add profile information, so that other league members can contact you. After your first log in, league information is visible. You can see match scores from other players and their profiles.

Doubles will be played as best of three (3) sets. Meaning, the first team to win two (2) sets wins the match. Regular deuce is to be played out. A tiebreaker is played whenever a set reaches six (6) games all.

Tie-breaker Rule

When starting a tiebreaker, the team who follows the last server starts the tiebreaker. This team serves one (1) serve into the deuce court. The next person in the service rotation has two (2) serves, starting with the advantage court, and then one to the deuce court. The service rotation will continue until six (6) points are played. After the sixth point, both teams switch ends of the court with the next serve going to the deuce court. The first team to score at least seven (7) points, and leading by two (2) points, wins the set (examples of possible winning scores are: 7-2, 7-5, 9-7, 10-8, 12-10, etc.).


Forfeits are awarded when:

The team with an asterisk (*) by its name on the play schedule is responsible for scheduling the match (“hereafter referred to in this section as “responsible team”). If that team fails to contact the other team within the required time limit, the match score for the responsible team is a lost. In other words, the responsible team forfeits play and the other team is recorded as winner of the scheduled play.

If the responsible player attempts to schedule a match, and the opponent fails to respond or if opponent is unable to play a match within three weeks of the assigned play period, the responsible player must notify the Division Captain of the scheduling issue. If the Division Captain cannot get a response from the assigned opponent, the responsible player is awarded a win via a forfeit. The responsible player keeps record of all communications conducted to schedule a match (i.e. e-mails, texts, phone calls, etc.) The responsible player is to immediately report to the Division Captain any difficulty in scheduling a match. The Division Captain assesses each player with a forfeit if both players are not able to set a match date time, and location within the allotted three-week scheduling window.


Parking is available at various locations near the tennis courts. Both metered and garage parking is available and cash and/or credit cards are the accepted forms of payment.

A seasonal parking pass may be purchased. Visit Room 160, Bevis Hall on OSU’s west campus and purchase an “affiliate” parking permit. You must present a valid driver’s license, and provide the license plate number of the vehicle you intend to drive. To be quite honest, it is usually less expensive to just pay at the parking meter.



In the event an emergency prevents a team from playing at the agreed upon scheduled time, the cancelling team is responsible to work with the other team to reschedule the match. The match must be rescheduled within two weeks of the canceled match date. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.  This excludes matches canceled because of weather conditions.


Matches canceled due to rain or other weather conditions that do not permit tennis play must be rescheduled at a location other than the OSU Courts during the same week as the date of original play. Rescheduled weather matches may be played at any courts agreed upon by both teams.